Want UV Protection? Wear Sunglasses!

Ultra-Violet Light

Invisible, it presents risk to the delicate skin around the eyes. Prolonged exposure can lead to occular damage and can increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Our in-house labs quantifies the UVA and UVB in your sun lenses, to ensure that 100% of this light is not passing through to your eyes.  We offer this as part of our same day service. 

Blue Light

Seen by our eyes, it is part of the visible spectrum.  When blue-violet light is scattered by moisture or dust in the air, it does not come to focus on the retina.  Removing too much will effect the relationship how we see other colors.  Another benefit of controlling blue light is to reduce the most significant aberration of eye (chromatic aberration), which causes image blur.  We offer this as part of our same day service. 

Polarized Lenses

The best choice for eliminating scattered light and glare. Glare results in a loss of visual performance, which is produced when an object or light source in the field of vision is brighter than the usual amount of light to which the eyes can adapt. It provides UV protection, optimum clarity and is the only lens that has the ability to block blinding horizontal glare.  We offer this as part of our same day service.

Lens Color

Available in a variety of choices. The ability to distinguish between an object and the viewing background (contrast sensitivity) is the most over looked factor in sunglasses.  Colors of the visible spectrum that contribute to blurry vision can be selectively filtered to improve clarity, contrast and depth perception. For example, gray is considered a true color since it allows us to see things as they appear, while brown tends to enhance contrast and depth perception.  We can offer this as part of our same day service. 

Mirrored Lens

Can be an added benefit by providing an additional layer of protection against excessive glare, mainly reflecting off water and snow. We can offer this as part of our same day service. 

Anti-Reflective Coating

Sunglasses is usually applied to the back side of the lens to help reduce reflections. Certain prescriptions and coating applications (mirrored lenses) can benefit from AR.  When needed, it will improve clarity, visual comfort and lens cosmetics.  We offer this as part of our same day service.  

Choosing Sunwear For All The Right Reasons