Low Vision

Patterns of Vision Loss

Central Vision

Macular degeneration affects central vision.  This is the detailed vision we use when we look directly at something as when we read or look at faces.  When central vision is affected patients may report that their central vision is missing, distorted and/or hazy.


Peripheral Vision

This is the less detailed vision we use to see everything around the edges and to the side.  When peripheral vision is affected, patients tend to bump into objects and/or fall.  Glaucoma affects peripheral vision first and strokes can affect one side of peripheral vision.


Contrast Sensitivity

This is the abiity to distinguish between objects of similar tones like milk in a white cup or to distinguish facial features.  All eye problems can decrease contrast sensitivity. 



Even if surgery is no longer an option to correct visual impediments, patients are able to remain independent with the advancement of low vision devices


The diversified knowledge, skills and experience will provide you hope, compassionate care, optical and non-optical tools, techniques and resources to achieve maximum independence that leads to enjoyment in your life.


The services and knowledge provided at the Low Vision center at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute will allow the young to complete their education, young adults to become or remain employed, and seniors to remain independent and fulfilled.

Compassion Care

Being mindful of the financial status of the visually impaired population who are often limited by monetary means, on a fixed or low income and frequently unemployed when visual impairment strikes suddenly, we often seek private or limited governmental funding to assist you.  Note that Medicare, Medicaid and other insurers typically do not pay for these devices, which can be challenging for the visually impaired of all ages.  Expand your vision and see more in your life by taking advantage of these superb resources.  

Let our team of professionals demonstrate and provide you with education and guidance