For nearly four decades we have been providing free eyewear to the poor and the homeless. We even take it a step further by providing all children with polycarbonate (safer) lenses to make sure that they receive the best protection. Providing many donations does not mean we cut corners, making sure that all donated eyewear meet or exceed (ANSI) American National Standard Institute. All new eyewear dispensed is funded by our Optical Department.

We also provide eyewear at cost to many local funded organizations whose clients (including our JMH/PHT), and we also welcome walk-ins who need our help. Our full service lab in all our locations make it possible to stretch the dollar so we can provide low cost eyewear to as many as possible. Our 4 locations in South Florida (Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, Plantation and Naples) have allowed us to serve a large number of the needy population. We will be extending the same services in our new location which will be opening soon this year!


Our Promise

Over 700 million people of all ages from children to adults lack the means to obtain corrective eyewear. In the spirit of helping others who are less fortunate, our promise is simple. We will donate a new pair of eyewear to a person in need each time an order is placed

Our Doctors

Our volunteer physicians are there to provide refractive care, screening for eye disease, eye care treatment, educate and train so others can pay it forward

Building Bridges

Our team of eye care volunteers recognize that building long term relationships and continuously sharing information is the key to opening options and resources. This will allow them to have a voice so they will not be a forgotten island.

Pay It Forward

When our mission is up, there is a good feeling of accomplishment in knowing that we have not only brought aid to a community, but have impacted all those involved to continue to pay it forward

Inspired By Those We Helped

We applaud them all for showing us a thing or two about humanity, courage, humility, kindness, finding happiness in the midst of their struggles and gratitude that will forever fuel us

Care = Results

Over 1 million pair of eyeglasses have been donated through our library and matching donations. There is no greater joy in making a difference by bettering the lives of others