We Make A Difference In Children's Eyewear

Vision plays an important part in the development of children. We offer all the necessary options to protect and keep their eyes healthy.


Make sure their eyes are well protected at all times.  Your best choice is Polycarbonate or Trivex lens material.  They offer UV protection, are light, comfortable and cosmetically thinner.  Our in-house lab can provide you with same day sevice.


Lenses should be impact resistant and provide UVA and UVB protection.  Transition lenses, polarized lenses, tints, and AR-Coating should be considered for all indoor and outdoor activities.

UV Protection

Make sure lenses are UV safe. Long term exposure to these damaging rays can cause cataract growth and damage the skin around the eyes.

Blue-Violet Light Protection

Long term exposure to high energy visible light rays (HEVL) has been associated with retinal cell damage and age macular degeneration.  Young patients enjoy spending a great deal of time viewing digital devices such as tablets and smartphones, both sources of HEVL light.  Todays lenses should provide blue-violet light filtering protection.